Thursday, April 17, 2014

Second Amendment Sister Slams Bloomberg on Public Radio

"Jennifer Coffey, national spokeswoman for the pro-gun-rights Second Amendment Sisters organization, says she sees Bloomberg's investment as a waste of money.

"I think he has a very unhealthy fascination with firearms, and how this inanimate object is a threat to everyone in the world," she says. "He lives in a state where people are in food lines with not enough to eat, who are jobless — why doesn't he focus on them? Or on criminals running through his streets, destroying homes, families, businesses?"

Coffey says her major concern with gun-purchase background checks is proposals that would put mental health records into a national database. She predicts that first responders who have sought counseling because of job stresses would be targeted, as would those who have been treated for depression.

"Mental illness is not a crime," Coffey says."


I hope the Irony of Bloomberg spending $50,000,000.00 on a "grass roots" campaign is not lost on the public...

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  1. When Bloomberg does it, it's "concerned activism". When the Koch brothers do it, it's "buying votes". The only part of the American "left" that I really appreciate is their brainless consistency.