Saturday, May 24, 2014

Liberty is Winning WORLDWIDE! UKIP pol shreds state Socialism!

For those of you not following UKIP, it is a British political party headed by the formidable Nigel Farage which has been making huge gains in British (and we expect subsequently Europarliament) elections.

Watch as Daniel Hannan brilliantly shreds state SocialismVia ZeroHedge:

Having explained how well socialism worked in France and in Venezuela, why socialism alway fails; and exposing the "costs" of socialism around the world, we leave it to the much more erudite UKIP member Daniel Hannan to explain why socialism does not work. Hannan, simply put, explains why socialism (using force to make individuals comply with planners plans) doesn't produce the results the planners planned. As Austrian Addict notes, socialists don't like the spontaneous order that results when individuals are free to make decisions on what they produce, consume, and exchange. The only reason central planners think that socialism hasn't worked is because it hasn’t been tried by the right people, namely them.

And before my NeoLiberal friends freak out, please be reminded that I am a fan of socialism (small "s") as long as it is voluntary.

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