Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Case dismissed against woman arrested while videotaping police!

This is very good news -The case against a Rochester woman arrested while videotaping police has been dismissed.


I followed this with particular interest as I lived in Rochester for some years, and have a very good friend on the police force there.  I was particularly heartened by the response from Mayor Tom Richards, City Council President Lovely Warren and Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard:

    "Whatever the outcome of the internal review, we want to make clear that it is not the policy or practice of the Rochester Police Department to prevent citizens from observing its activities - including photographing or videotaping - as long as it does not interfere with the safe conduct of those activities. It is also not the policy or practice of the Department to selectively enforce laws in response to the activities of a group or individual. This has always been the case and it is being reinforced within the Department, so that it will be abundantly clear to everyone."

I have always held that not only should people videotape the police - the police should have a 360 degree camera running either on their shoulder radio or on their cruiser, at all times..

This is for their protection as well as the public, because as hard as it may seem for some people to believe, police officers often have to deal with people who act like absolute dicks to them, and then deny they acted that way.

In short, videotaping when the police come in contact with the public helps encourage everyone to be on their best behavior!

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